It’s All Gone to the Dogs: 25 of the Best Dog Play Photos On Instagram


When your furry friend wants to play, it’s hard to get around it. They paw at you, they bring you their toys, they give you the look… and you give in. Every time. To let you know you’re not alone, here are 25 of the best photos of dogs playing that are on Instagram. Enjoy.





1. Run, run, run, as fast as you can…


A photo posted by ゆぅき (@bo_no) on


2. No one can resist the power of the cute face.



3. I thought you said a walk! Dancing will cost you extra treats.



4. Hey! You’re supposed to count to 100 before you seek!



5. Did you see where the ball went? We gotta find that ball before he does!



6. Training is fun too!


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7. I’m just gonna check this before I slide… hang on a sec…



8. He’s taking my stick, come here and help!


A photo posted by Sabine (@bienchen1311) on


9. Whoever said swings were just for people was totally wrong.



10. I know there’s something under this white stuff. I’ll find it. Give me time.



11. Water wrestling time!



12. ARGH! Wait ‘til I’m ready!



13. I’m waiting! Throw the ball! Throw it…. Come on….



14. Quick! While they’re distracted, let’s get that other stick!



15. Sometimes it takes multiple shots to get those play faces in!



16. I know I said I wanted to climb up here, but I need your help getting down.



17. No, you cannot have the lid back. I like it. It’s mine.



18. I know it’s your stuffed animal, but it’s so chewy.



19. Running…. Running…. Running…. Outside…. Outside…. Outside….



20. I am not sure what you are fuzzy thing, but I shall get you…


A photo posted by Sophie Teixeira (@sofi_tex) on


21. So I found this penguin, and I thought maybe you wanted to play with me.



A photo posted by Karim (@karimyorkie) on


22. It’s just a little tear, don’t worry, I can still play with it!


A photo posted by @dogsofsharrows on


23. You make the first move!



24. No matter what time of year it is, the beach is always fun!


A photo posted by Uane ? (@uanes) on


 25. I know you threw the little stick… but this one was much better.


No matter what time of year, take your furry friend out to play and enjoy some fresh air. While you’re at it, add a few photos of your playtime fun to Instagram and tag @PetFancy so we can all enjoy them.