20 of the Best Dog Swimming Photos from Summer 2015


We all love Summer, especially our furry companions. Swimming, playing outside, running at the park – you name it. We miss it when it goes away. So, now that the Fall season is upon us, let’s take a look back at some of the Summer swimming fun that we’ll miss until next year. Here are 20 of the best dog swimming photos from this past Summer from Instagram.





1. Corgi’s enjoying the pool and not waiting their turn.


A photo posted by JiYeon Kimm (@samcorgi) on


2. Swimming in the lake can be even more fun than a clean ‘ole pool!  




3. It’s a race! Wait, who is this guy?



4. Hey watch this cannonball! GERANIMO!    


A photo posted by @laikaluna_doglover on



5. It’s MY toy. MY toy….



6. Swimming is great, but what’s that over there?




7. You guys should have gone out and got the stick! I’m not sharing!



8. I know I said a small swim, but this is ridiculous.  


A photo posted by Felix/HKI (@daddyflix) on



9. A girl’s gotta keep her hair looking great while swimming.


A photo posted by milly (@milly_theprincess) on


10. Nice cool water: check. Hair pulled back: check. Swimming while I’ve got help: check…. Wait….      




11. You wanna swim in my pool? I’m not sure you’re worthy…


A photo posted by @schlappohrspike on


12. Learning to swim… dog style…      


A photo posted by @couchclan_az on



13. Sometimes you just need that late afternoon swim to end the day.



14. Everybody in! Swimming is always more fun with friends.      


A photo posted by @cigjam on



15. Waves aren’t stopping me from getting that stick!


A photo posted by Annya Tisher (@annyadt) on


16. Oh by the way, I caught that tennis ball. You wanna throw it again?      


A photo posted by Remco (@remco_l) on



17. Nope. I fetched it. It’s mine. Get your own.


A photo posted by Ofrisourasky (@osourasky) on


18. You’re right! This waterfall IS beautiful…. And full of sticks to fetch.


A photo posted by Hoggie (@hoggie8) on



19. Yes, I am proud I got the ball! Now, let’s swim.



20. Just throw the stick! I’m ready.      




Of course, these are just a few of the great photos of our furry friends swimming. Make sure that you check out some of our other great photos, blogs, and great items to get your furry kiddo ready for next summer.