12 Things To Know About Owning A Husky


Huskies are beautiful dogs but they can be a handful at times. Here are 12 things to know about owning a Husky.






1: They Are Super Hairy

husky shedding

Huskies are made for cold weather and they have extremely thick coats during certain times of the year. So, you should know before you own a Husky that you’re in for some major hair removal tricks.

2: Huskies Are Extremely Vocal

talking husky

Out of all the breeds out there, the Husky is probably one of the most vocal when it comes to telling you what they want, how they feel, and just anything else in general. Just look up “talking Husky” on YouTube and you’ll easily see what we mean.

3: Their Eyes Are Amazing

husky blue eyes


Sure, this sounds like a given, but Huskies have some of the most beautiful eyes in the whole dog world.

4: Husky Puppies Are Beyond Snuggly – But They Grow So Fast

husky puppy


When they are puppies, Huskies are fun little balls of fur. However, they grow so fast it can make your head spin.

5: True Albino Huskies Are Hard To Find


Source: MD Weems

You’ll see all kinds of posts out there about albino Huskies, yet true albinos are hard to find. If any part of their skin (i.e. nose, mouth, gums, eyes) is black, they are not an albino.

6: They Want To Be Held Too



You can’t tell them they are no longer a puppy or that they weigh a hundred pounds. They still want to be held.

7: They Love To Play

huskies playing


All dogs love to play sure, but Huskies LOVE to play… and they sometimes forget how big they are.

8: They Need Room To Run

husky running


Huskies are large dogs and were bred to run. Make sure you have lots of space for them to run and play or that you have the time to take them where they can run.

9: They Eat… A Lot

husky eating


Huskies are big dogs, and they grow really fast when they are puppies. So, they like to eat. And we mean a lot. Get ready for the food bill.

10: They All Have Their Own Personalities

funny husky


If you’ve never owned a Husky, you may not understand just how cray their personalities can get. However, you’re also in for a big treat as Huskies are some of the most outgoing, funny dogs there are.

11: Huskies Do Some Crazy Things

crazy husky


You never know when you’re going to turn around and catch your Husky doing something weird, crazy, or otherwise just making you wonder what the heck they were thinking. Get your camera ready.

12: When They Are Ready To Snuggle, You Can’t Say No

husky snuggles


After all the playing, the eating, and the craziness, Huskies are some of the best snuggly dogs there are. When they are ready to snuggle, it’s hard to resist.