10 Things Chihuahua Parents Will Understand


Let’s face it, chihuahuas are one unique breed. They are not only the tiniest breed, but they are the ones with the biggest attitudes. For those that don’t own, or have never been around chihuahuas, this may not be something you will be familiar with. For those of us that are lucky enough to be owned by a chi, (and you know exactly why I said it that way), you’re going to feel right at home. Here are 10 things that only chihuahua parents will understand.



1: Eyebrows On A Chihuahua Are Hilarious, But They Will Pout About It


Source: MD Weems

If you’ve never drawn eyebrows on your chihuahua, I highly recommend that you do it. Not only is it super funny, it also brings out a whole new attitude in your chi. For example, the pouting that a chihuahua can do on a normal basis is knocked up 10 more notches to the funniest point ever. Plus, they have crazy eyebrows that you can’t help but laugh at. Just remember to use an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil for this, anything else will stay, and fade, way too long.

2: Chihuahuas Really Do Look Like Drowned Rats When Getting A Bath



You’ve probably heard someone say that a small dog will look like a drowned rat when they are wet. Well, nothing could be closer to the truth with a chihuahua. They are already tiny, so when you soak them down, they look even smaller. It’s no wonder they make the craziest faces and look so pathetic when they get baths.

3: When They Are Mad, It’s So Funny

crazy chihuahua


I’m sure any chihuahua out there would be really angry at you for saying that they are so cute when they are mad. However, it’s really hard not to laugh or smile when you see one that’s being grumpy at you for making them move out of their blankie or just being a grouchy butt in general. Of course, some people can’t handle a crazy mad chihuahua, but that’s ok too.

4: Chihuahuas Make Good Memes

killer chihuahua


Admit it, if you own a chihuahua, then you understand that any photo you take can make an excellent meme. From happy to angry, there is no time when a chihuahua photo won’t make a great meme. The photo here is one that’s gone around and around the web in tons of different memes.

5: When They Smile, It’s Obvious

annoyed chihuahua


Any chihuahua owner out there knows the smile. It’s obvious. Some breeds and some dogs are able to smile and show it, but chihuahuas, well, they are naturals at smiling. When you chi smiles, it’s obvious and it’s hard not to smile back.

6: Chihuahua Puppies Are Some Of The Cutest Puppies In The History Of Ever

chihuahua puppy


When they are full grown, chihuahuas are still tiny. So how tiny are they when they are puppies? Well, super tiny… and super cute. Chihuahua puppies are some of the cutest puppies hands down out of all the breeds. Some of it is due to their size, the rest is due to that huge head on that tiny body. It is too hard not to carry them around and baby them, especially since they are more than happy to let you.

7: Dressing Up A Chihuahua Is Awesome Fun

dressed up chihuahua


Ok, let me rephrase that: if you can dress them up, it is so much fun. Some chihuahuas are fine with getting dressed up in costumes, and others, well, let’s just say they aren’t too happy with the whole costume idea. If you’re lucky enough to have one that will let you dress them up – take all the photos that you can.

8: Chihuahuas Can Quickly Become Your “Baby” 



No matter how old your chihuahua is when you get them, they will quickly become your baby. Their small size, their willingness to curl up in a warm blankie (or clothes, or towels, or anything soft), and the fact that they tend to attach themselves to one person, can easily make them the “baby” of the house.

9: For A Small Dog, They Have A Huge Attitude



Call it what you will, but chihuahuas have a massive attitude for the tiny dogs they are. To top it off, they are one of the tiny breeds that need more attention and care than others. For example, they get overheated or severely cold too easy, they have problems with their respiratory systems and reverse sneezing (yep, it’s a thing), and they can easily brake bones or worse from falls or getting stepped on. Yet, they still play it off like a bigger dog would.

10: There Is Nothing Like Being Owned By A Chihuahua 

tons of chis


At the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing like being owned by a chihuahua. They become your furry baby, the tiny thing that can make you smile, the wonderful friend when you’re down, and the fierce protector of their human against any odds. They can hold a huge place in your heart like any other furry friend out there, yet they stand so tiny next to you.