All Dogs On Deck Dog Leash

All Dogs On Deck Dog Leash

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All Dogs On Deck leashes are made with the highest quality material and construction techniques. The rope is high quality double-braided line typically used as halyards, sheets and other control lines. On each end, the leash has a splice known as a double braid eye splice, a technique used to permanently braid strands of the line back into itself in an extremely secure way.

The shackle is significantly stronger than its equivalent in other pet products; regardless of the size of your dog, you can be assured that this hardware will not fail.

The swivel-eye snap shackle is not only more secure than a typical clip on a leash, but easily attached to a collar in a single motion without requiring any fumbling for a clip with your thumb.

4 Foot: is ideal for dogs in training, city-dwelling dogs and for use by children or petite women that prefer the greater control that comes with a shorter leash.

6 Foot: affords dogs more autonomy and can be preferable for more active dogs.

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