UsagiTeam Gingham Taupe Bow Tie Collar

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Yet another classic, the taupe pattern on his bow tie is perfect for any occasion. The UsagiTeam Gingham Taupe Bow Tie Collar with its detachable bow can be dressed up or down for any occasion whether formal or causal. Not only does this trendy bow keep your pup hip and up to date with fashion but also provides durability through it welded D-rings and triple stitched stress points.

Note: No leash can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cats safety.

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More Details

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Finding your collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

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  Length WidthBow Tie

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  Length WidthBow Tie
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L 15"-25"1"4.5"x2.5"

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