Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratching Post

Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratching Post
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Product Overview


There are few things more satisfying than shredding paper – if you're a cat. Your cat will be happy digging her claws into the thick layers of cardboard of the Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher. The arc shape is perfect for stretching out for a long scratch, up Hi or down Lo.

With the new, revised Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher, you and your cat get:
  • Approved Destruction - Everyone will be happier with a something that is actually OK to destroy.
  • Challenge - 5 angles to rotate through will keep your cat from boredom.
  • Long Life - By using all the surfaces of the scratcher, it will last longer.
  • Beautiful design - We like to think that being made from cardboard isn't an excuse for being ugly.
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Scratch it Hi or Scratch it Lo

Cats are picky – as you may have discovered – so we designed the Hi-Lo to be a Multi-Position Cat Scratching Post. You can position it for high stretching scratches, or for low reaching scratches. Choose one of the five positions to best match your cat's preferences. Or change daily to keep your cat guessing.

Modern Cat Scratcher to save Modern Furniture

If Eames, Herman Miller and mid-century modern are part of your vocabulary, then you'll know what we were thinking about when designing the Hi-Lo. If “modern” is nothing that you are concerned with, then you will still be happy to know that the Hi-Lo Cardboard Scratcher will give your cat something better to scratch than your favorite couch.

Extended Life

We designed the Hi-Lo so that it can be set up in 5 different angles. This not only gives your cat something new to try, reducing their boredom, but also extends the life of the scratcher by getting your cat to use all surfaces.

  • Set up the Hi-Lo in 5 positions to maximize scratcher life.
  • By adjusting the positions, your cat won't get bored and will always have a new challenge.
  • Extra thick cardboard for long life.
  • Silver metal legs that can be positioned in front, in back, or removed.
  • Anti-slip grip on the corner of the metal legs to help keep the Hi-Lo in one place.
  • Overall size 12"W x 15"D x 21"H.

Care Instructions

Cat Scratcher Materials

Durable cardboard laminated together to make the main scratching area. The sides are solid cardboard (chipboard) with glossy white paper on the exterior. The kickstand legs are silver color plated metal and there's a rubber anti-slip pad on the corner of the legs.

Cat Scratcher Care:

To get maximum life out of the Hi-Lo, we recommend using all 5 positions. After your cat makes scratches on one area for a while, set up the Hi-Lo in another position. This will spread out the use areas and extend the life of the scratcher.

LCat Scratcher Cleaning:

There's really not much to do for cleaning. You could wipe down the sides and legs with a very lightly damp cloth if you felt it needed it.


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