Barkz Fish Skins - Wild-Caight Alaskan Salmon - Freeze Dried

Barkz Fish Skins - Wild-Caight Alaskan Salmon - Freeze Dried

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Looking to add a highly nutritious treat to your dogs diet? Barkz Fish Skins are a great source of lean protein and essential omega 3 fatty acids. Freeze-dried to lock in more nutrients than dehydration, these single ingredient treats are not only nutritious and healthy, but they pack great flavor. There are no additives, fillers or preservatives, so it's a safe, healthy alternative to standard dog food.

Freeze-Dried to Lock In Nutrients:
Freeze drying is a preservation process similar to dehydrating but with added benefits. The raw food is placed on large racks inside of a vacuum chamber. The temperature is lowered to below freezing and then slowly raised. The water in the food moves from a solid state to a gaseous state - maintaining the structure of the food and keeping the nutritional value.

Why Choose Our Fish Skins?
  • Packed with delicious flavor dogs love
  • Nutritious and full of protein
  • Great for Skin & Coat
  • Contains only Alaskan Wild-Caught Salmon
  • Made in the USA